From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for spending time with our children for the past 7 years. We feel so grateful that our three kids have had such an amazing foundation of education, fun, politeness, and growth in the their formative years. It’s the foundation of a person that determimes the rest of their lives, so thank you for providing the best one ever. We couldn’t ask for anything more!!! The Kumar Family

My daughter has attended Toluca Crossroads since she was the age of 2. She  is now a 1st grader at the school and i could not be happier about the development and education the wonderful staff at Toluca Crossroads has extended.  Kind, Courteous and Professional People that go above and beyond there job requirements to guide the kids in there day care and the kids that are students….I am sad that i can not continue with them beyond 1st grade.  Thank you to all of the Staff members and Educators on behalf of me and my entire family. Devine E.

My husband and I spent a lot of time researching online, asking other parents and physically visiting many pre-schools before deciding on Toluca Crossroads.  What drew us there was not only the friendliness of the staff and the homey feeling of the facility, but the exceptional reading program for Pre K students.  We also liked the security offered.  They just put in a new security gate and have done a lot of remodeling to make a safer environment for a little ones.

After being on the waiting list about 6 months (without a deposit in advance, as many schools require) my son started part time just before his third birthday and loves it.  The staff is friendly, helpful, caring and nurturing for to both the children and parents.  He loves his teacher, Ms. Leo and looks forward to coming to school (asking when the next day is, since he only goes twice a week).  He brings home lots of art and worksheets, so I know he’s learning!  He also sings songs that he’s been learning at school and teaches them to me!  I always feel welcome there, never in the way if I want to hang around a few minutes to push my son on the tire swing (his favorite thing for me to do before leaving).  All in all, we made a good choice! Krista D.

Our son started here when he was 6 months old, in the baby room. They have a great teacher-to-child ratio (about 5 babies under 1 with 1-2 teachers). He is now in the 1-2 year old room and every day I am amazed at how much he knows. We both work full time so most of my son’s waking hours are spent here; the fact that they are actively teaching him both typical school things and social skills is apparent. He is now 16 months old and says more than 35 words, points to more than 50 different things, signs “more” and is a great sharer. The teachers have been caring while promoting independence and discipline, which is great when you have a toddler. The school goes up to first grade, and they have a reading program that begins as early as 3 years old, if your child is up for it. The preschool also does little science projects, and the recess area has a vegetable garden. My son LOVES going to school and we can’t wait to see how much he grows and learns as he continues here. Nicole V.

My daughter has been going to Toluca Crossroads for two years and we could not be happier. The staff are easy to interact with, are clearly invested in the children, and encourage input and involvement from the parents. My daughter is always happy to go to school and it is apparent that she is learning a great deal in her classroom. The curriculum is well balanced and she has even be taking Spanish classes once a week. Her teacher issues daily reports to let us know how her day went. Their hours are very accommodating for working parents and we cannot recommend  it enough. Christina R.

Love, love this school! We have two children enrolled and could not be happier.  From the infant room all the way up, the teachers and staff are exceptional. As a mother, I can tell that this isn’t  “just a job” for the staff. Maria in the infant room is the baby whisperer! She is truly amazing and just adores the babies!  I  would recommend this school without any reservation.  So glad we found it! Michelle T.

Can not recommend this school enough! Amazing teachers, so organized and clean and nurturing in every way. My three boys come home with neat art projects and a “fun” day! They have learned so much! Reagan R.

Our child attended Toluca Crossroads for three years, and had a wonderful experience (as did we). It is a loving, safe environment that provided our child with an excellent education. He left there knowing how to read, some math skills, and has had experience with Spanish, Mandarin and sign language. When people remark how polite and well mannered our son is, I always give credit to the staff who enforced those values every day.

Courtney R.

Our son was in every single classroom at Toluca Crossroads from 3 months until he left to attend Kindergarten. There weren’t a lot of options for a 3-month old then but we fully stand behind our decision to keep him enrolled. Now, as a current Kindergartener in a public school, he is performing above grade level in ELA and Math, and is, in fact, reading (and comprehending) at a second grade level. His K teacher told us at the beginning of the year that he was very well-prepared not just academically but socially as well. We are grateful for the strong foundation he received at TC and their capacity to help him stretch academically especially in his last two years there.

Jocelyn C.

My son started attending Toluca Crossroads this year, in the PK/Kindergarten class. I am not exaggerating when I say, this school has truly had a HUGE impact on him, and our family as a whole. Warm, caring, and extremely experienced teaching staff. He feels successful and safe. Our son went from barely being able to write his name, to sounding out and writing sentences in a matter of months. We had thought that a play based was best for him, and while that may be the case for some children, it was not for my child. He is thriving in their structured, while still incorporating play and curiosity, learning environment. I will be forever grateful for the time my son has spent as a student there. I truly believe it is positively shaping his newfound love of learning, that will serve him for the duration of his education. And as another parent commented, the school is so incredibly CLEAN. They are also on top of observing and understanding their students. As well as handling even the smallest conflicts or problems with great care and professionalism. While it is an expense, as any private school is, it is worth every penny. I just wish we had been on the waiting list sooner.

Lea G.

My daughter loves going to school everyday. She is learning all sorts of things, from letters, numbers, body parts, insects you name it, and she’s only 2 yrs. The teachers are super helpful, friendly, caring and loving. There’s a nice, spacious play area outback, with plenty of shade etc. They have a great summer program too with lots of fun activites for the children. This school is deffinetly all about the kids for sure. I love this school! This is worth checking out! via Great Schools

My daughter started attending Crossroads School when she was 3. She continued through Kindergarten and is now in first grade at her neighborhood school. We absolutely loved everything about Crossroads. The Teachers and Staff are extremely caring and support each other. Crossroads became her home away from home. It is wonderful to walk in to the school. You hear children’s voices softly, on task, being courteous to one another. Everyone is learning and enjoying it. Things are very organized at Crossroads and the children thrive. My daughter started reading in Pre-K with Lynn and continued reading with Lynn in Kinder. The Reading Program is hugely successful. Kids start reading right away and by the end of Kindergarten are reading paragraph after paragraph. It is very empowering to the children. When my daughter entered first grade she was already reading at a higher second grade level. She was quite advanced in her math skills as well. This gave her an excellent start to elementary school. The Reading Program is simply amazing! via Great Schools