How To Apply

Schedule A Tour:

The first step in the admissions process is for prospective families to watch our virtual tour and fill out the application for admission (please send application to prior to your tour). If interested, please schedule a tour by calling Toluca Crossroads at 818-980-3688.  This is the best way to experience the school and all we have to offer.  School tours are held on Tuesday and Friday mornings and are conducted on a one on one basis with your family. Toluca Crossroads prefers that your child attends the tour with your family. If you need to cancel a tour, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so another family can take the opportunity.

We look forward to sharing our school with you!

Application For Admission:

The application is down below. It is advised that parents come on a tour of the school with their application filled in.  Applications are accepted year-round. Toluca Crossroads has a rolling waitlist.  The admission of each child is based on the child’s ability to benefit from the Toluca Crossroads program as well as the aptitude of the child to integrate and acclimate into the school environment. Toluca Crossroads serves and welcomes families regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, or special needs that can be reasonably accommodated. We look forward to meeting you and your precious little one!

Enrollment Process:

After taking a tour and filling out the Application for Admission, your child will get placed onto the waiting list. There is no fee to be placed onto the waiting list or to fill out the application for admission. If you decide that Toluca Crossroads is the right fit for your family, we ask that you contact us either by phone or email to let us know that you are interested in our infant, toddler, preschool or kindergarten program.  Once there is a spot available for your little one, we will contact you and provide further details on how to access the enrollment packet as well as the parent handbook.  If you choose to accept the placement, you will be required to pay a non-refundable Registration Fee (either by mail or in-person).

Prior to your child’s first day of school, we ask that you return a hard copy of the completed enrollment packet, including your child’s shot record, and signed parent handbook. The Physician’s Report form needs to be stamped and/or signed by your child’s pediatrician prior to attending Toluca Crossroads. You can have the physician fax it over to us at Fax # 818-301-2231 or deliver it to us along with the rest of the filled out paperwork. If your child’s physician does not fill out the shot record on the Physician’s form then the parent needs to provide a copy of the shot record (usually on a yellow card).

Infant/Toddler Admission:

Due to the fact that we are very limited to infant or toddler room availability, we suggest that you apply to our infant or toddler programs as soon as possible. Our infant and toddler programs are frequently full and uphold a long waiting list.  Enrollment priority is given to currently enrolled families who have their older siblings attending Toluca Crossroads. For our infant and toddler rooms, we only offer a full-time program.

Preschool/Kindergarten Admission:

The majority of acceptances for our 2-year-old class through our Kindergarten program occur during the months of July and August. Starting with the 2-year-old room, we offer flexibility with a full-time, half-day morning, or a part-time schedule depending on the availability in the classroom.