Mission Statement

Toluca Crossroads Preschool and Kindergarten draws on a developmental curriculum which includes basic academic knowledge, development and mastery of social, emotional and physical skills, and learning centers for children to express their own ideas. We believe in creating an environment that is not only fun and safe but also one in which a child’s self-esteem, independence, critical thinking and creativity are able to flourish. Children are active learners who learn through play, and their world is one of discovery and exploration. Our teachers observe the children and respond to activities initiated by the child. Through our loving, innovative, and supportive staff, we lay the foundation for each and every child to become well-rounded individuals. We keep in mind and have respect for the wide individual differences and encourage each child to develop and learn at their own individual pace. Attention is given to the special unique qualities of each child to help them become compassionate, caring, respectful participants who are socially competent in their family, school, community and the global community. Our nurturing environment is a place where every child feels valued and where diversity and culture are celebrated. Our purpose is to nourish a foundation that promotes well-rounded students who live with the values of mutual respect, high self-esteem and self-worth, effective communication skills, consideration for objects as well as being mindful of other people’s feelings, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and creating trusting relationships with their peers, teachers, parents, and communities. We want to do our part in making a positive contribution to helping you raise the leaders of tomorrow.