Reading Program

Toluca Crossroads is known for our famous Kindergarten reading program. We are exceptionally proud to offer one on one, individualized reading sessions with your child that provide that extra boost of confidence and instill a sincere love of reading. Our specialized reading program is for those children developmentally ready and of kinder age, which is determined by the state as turning 5 years old by September 1st. However, if a child is younger and is ready for our reading program, we will of course use our best discretion. Children are taught how to decode words phonetically and to comprehend what they are reading. This program has proven to be extremely successful. Our aim is to always make reading a pleasurable and enriching experience, inspiring and motivating our children with a love of reading. This keyword series of books has 12 levels.

Each level has 3 books, a, b, & c

Series a
This book slowly introduces new words and repeats them often
throughout the book.

Series b
This book continues with the same words that the child has just learned,
but in a different context.

Series c
This book continues with the same words while introducing phonics
and encouraging children to try and write out the words.

We have used William Murray’s, a British educationalist key words reading program for over 45 years at our school. It has proven to be an
extremely successful tool in not only teaching our children to read with confidence but to also gain a sincere love of reading.