Toluca Crossroads Preschool And Kindergarten

Welcome To Toluca Crossroads Preschool and Kindergarten

Welcome to a very special and one of a kind school serving the Toluca Lake and North Hollywood area for the past 43 years.Our goal is to provide a unique, nurturing and secure environment, while promoting creativity, curiosity, and instilling self-confidence and emotional well being.  Our caring and dedicated staff of many years will tend to your little ones daily needs the same way you do.  We nurture your child’s individual and specific learning abilities, encouraging critical thinking, strong morals and character development.  Each child is considered special and unique, and as such, we go above and beyond for every child in our care.

We strive to be a school that instills a love of learning and happy memories of their early years.  It is our goal that all our children reach their fullest potential, providing a strong foundation for your child’s future academic success.

Toluca Crossroads Preschool And Kindergarten Mission Statement

Toluca Crossroads Preschool and Kindergarten draws on a developmental curriculum which includes basic academic knowledge, development and mastery of social, emotional and physical skills, and learning centers for children to express their own ideas.  We believe in creating an environment that is not only fun and safe but one in which a child’s self-esteem, independence, critical thinking and creativity are able to flourish.  Children are active learners who learn through play.  Their world is one of discovery and exploration.  Our teachers observe the children and respond to activities initiated by the child.  Through our loving, innovative, and supportive staff, we lay the foundation for each and every child to grow into and become well-rounded individuals.  We keep in mind and have respect for the wide individual differences and encourage each child to develop and learn at their own individual pace.  Attention is given to the special unique qualities of each child to help them become compassionate, caring, respectful participants who are socially competent in their family, school, community and the global community.  Our nurturing environment is a place where every child feels valued and where diversity in culture is celebrated.  Our purpose is to nourish a foundation that promotes well-rounded students who live with the values of mutual respect, high self-esteem and self-worth, effective communication skills, consideration for objects as well as being mindful of other people’s feelings, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and creating trusting relationships amongst peers, with teacher’s and parents, and  in their communities.  We want to give our part in making a positive contribution to helping you raise the leaders of tomorrow.


Toluca Crossroads Preschool And Kindergarten Philosophy


A common thread that runs throughout Toluca Crossroads Preschool and Kindergarten is the idea that we set up every child to succeed.
We understand that everything starts with a comfort level and learning takes place best when a child is first and foremost comfortable in his/her environment.  Toluca Crossroads Preschool and Kindergarten is adamant about creating a warm, loving, and nurturing atmosphere in order to bring out each child’s full potential while encouraging freedom of choice.  We have a strong sense of belief that who we teach needs to come before what we teach.  At the same time, we feel that these are the pivotal years to instill children with the knowledge of how to live well with others and appreciate the differences that we all have. We understand and value that each child’s individuality is something to be celebrated rather than neglected.  Our program empowers children to express their emotions ranging from feelings of happiness and joy to anger and frustration through the use of their words.  We facilitate individuality by providing different forms of socialization, multiple types of motivational activities, learning centers (including dramatic play and art), times dedicated to creative and critical thinking, and age appropriate play.

We believe in hands on learning and are always trying to find new ways to present the information to the children.  Our innovative curriculum is constantly unfolding where different learning styles are accommodated into the classroom and our teachers are constantly trying to find different modalities of teaching.  Seeing how much of the curriculum can be child directed, our teachers try to turn everything into a teachable moment.

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